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All the Recommended Screenings for Women 50+


Here is an alphabetical list of recommended health screening tests for women 50+. Following each description below, there is a link you can click on for more information about that screening. After reading the content at that link, click your computer’s back button to return to this page and continue reading about other screenings.

BRCA 1 and 2 Genes

If you have a family member with breast, ovarian, or peritoneal cancer, talk with your doctor or nurse about your family history. Women with a strong family history of certain cancers may benefit from genetic counseling and BRCA genetic testing. Learn more about the BRCA genes and genetic testing.

Breast Cancer

Talk with your health care team about whether you need a mammogram. See what’s involved in a mammogram screening.

Cervical Cancer

Get a Pap smear every 3 years or get a combination Pap smear and human papilloma virus (HPV) test every 5 years until age 65. If you are older than 65 or have had a hysterectomy, talk with your doctor or nurse about whether you still need to be screened… read more.


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